Our Services


Chemical formulation of natural products

We are experts in the formulation of organic, biodegradable and chemical products for any use.

estudio de suelos, suelos

Soil analysis

We ensure the protocols determined by the competent authorities, to determine the characterization of soils and recommend the best solutions for their production.


TPH analysis

We ensure studies of total hydrocarbons in soil, in addition to advice on organic mineral treatment to remedy.

analisis tph

Agricultural crews

Our service ensures compliance with fertilization and fumigation protocols of any crop, using the best technology on the market.


Remediation crews

Our staff is highly qualified and trained in all risks associated with the remediation and recovery of soils and water sources contaminated with hydrocarbons.


Comprehensive well abandonment

We ensure comprehensive well abandonment procedures (civil work, completion, remediation and ecosystem recovery) with multidisciplinary specialists.


Specialized treatment of fluids and solids.

We apply protocols for remediation and on-site recovery of fluid and solid material of all hydrocarbon sector processes.

limpieza y desinfeccion

Cleaning and disinfection

Any surface of machinery, tools or vessels is subject to high natural and environmentally friendly technologies.

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